Laminating Specialists

Laminated Glass is basically safety glass that holds together when it is broken or shattered. Laminated Glass is sometimes called “shatter proof” glass due to this feature. It is made up of three layers, two layers of glass and a very strong vinyl layer. If the glass is then broken, it will not shatter. This is what makes that circular spider web pattern you might see on a car windscreen. It is incredibly important in places where people might be walking on a height, like at a barrier on a balcony, or places where glass could fall, like in a skylight. Laminated glass is also used for its sound insulation properties. There are options to include tinting, protection against UV light.

Water Resistant Glass

At PQG Glass, we manufacture high quality insulated and double glazed glass to your exact specifications. All the glass in manufactured in our workshop in Cork. All glass is thoroughly tested and checked before it leaves our factory.

Insulated and Double Glazed Glass is far more energy efficient and can save you a lot of money on your heating bills. Solar coating is also available. We can supply your glass in all different sizes. Call us today to arrange for a quote.

Our Suppliers

We offer Water Resistant and Hi-Impact Resistant PVWR products supplied to us by ESA Ltd.

Our Suppliers